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The following customized Site Index represents the site pages that are available to you:

About: About RidgeStar!

Background: A little background about RidgeStar

Calendar: The RidgeStar Office schedule and scheduled Events

Philosophy: The RidgeStar Corporate Philosophy

People: The People behind RidgeStar

Search: Search Google for www.RidgeStar.com pages

Sites: Our current Client Sites

The Office: The physical RidgeStar Offices

Site Index: Our site index

Locations: RidgeStar Field management!

Introduction: Background and overview of the Facility mechanism

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

New Location: Suggest a Location?

New Facility: Suggest a Facility?

Soccer Field: Mapping a spot on a Soccer Pitch

Manual: RidgeStar Usage Documentation

Preface: About the online documentation and RidgeStar

Audience: Who should use this documentation and how should it be used?

Legal: Notices and Trademarks

Conventions: Standards and conventions used in this documentation

Acknowledgements: Identification of those that helped along the way

Introduction: A general introduction to an Interactive Site

What Is It?: What is an Interactive Site?

RidgeStar: The company behind the Interactive Site

History: A brief history of the Interactive Site evolution

Terminology: An introduction to the Site Terminology

Licensing: Licensing issues

Versions: A summary of the Releases

Version 6.0: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 6.0

Version 5.4: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 5.4

Version 5.3: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 5.3

Version 5.2: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 5.2

Version 5.1: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 5.1

Version 5.0: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 5.0

Version 4.9: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.9

Version 4.8: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.8

Version 4.7: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.7

Version 4.6: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.6

Version 4.5: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.5

Version 4.4: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.4

Version 4.3: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.3

Version 4.2: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.2

Version 4.1: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.1

Version 4.0: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 4.0

Version 3.2: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 3.2

Version 3.1: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 3.1

Version 3.0: Basic concepts and functions included in Version 3.0

Concepts: Concepts utilized in a Referee Management Site

Accounting: What is the Accounting concept?

Audit: What are the Auditing characteristics?

Compensation: How does the site track Referee Compensation?

Confirmation: What is Confirmation?

Directory: What is the Directory?

Logon: What is the Logon process about?

Location: What is a Location?

Match Id: Splitting Matches into categories

MatchReport: What is a MatchReport?

Method: Controlling the method of Position Assignment?

News: What is the RSS/News concept all about?

Profile: What is the Profile?

Ranks: What's the Ranking mechanism about?

Reminders: What are Reminders?

Roles: What are Roles?

SelfAssign: What is SelfAssign all about?

Session: What is a Session?

Status: What is the Position Status?

Turnback: What is a Turnback?

Construction: The steps and processes used during site construction

SiteManager: What is a SiteManager?

Page Names: How are the Page Names established?

Look and Feel: What about Look and Feel issues?

Segments: What is a Segment?

Standard Values: Why bother setting up standard database values?

Validation: Should input data fields be validated or not?

Public Segments: How should you determine what's Public?

Usage: How to use a functioning RidgeStar Interactive Site

JavaNames: Using Feature=JavaNames and JavaNames3

Passwords: Thoughts about passwords

Pop Ups: What are the pop ups that appear throughout the site?

Printing: Can I print information from the Site?

Responsive: Using a Responsive RidgeStar site

Results List: Using a Results List

Search Criteria: Using a Search Criteria box

Sessions: How do I use multiple Tabs in my Browser without problems?

Symbols: What are all the Symbols about?

Topics: How to create a new Topic?

Operations: Operational procedures typically utilized in an Interactive Site

Assignment: Establishing an Assignment

Bulk Load: An overview of Bulk Loading operations

Data Prep...: Preparing your data for loading

Direct Deposit: Prepare for Electronic Funds Transfer

Finances: Processing site Finances

Mail: Notifying Referees to changes to existing Assignments

Options: Controlling Site functions via Options

Privacy: Suggested Privacy approach towards personal/private information

Reset Password: How do I manage User Password issuance?

Schedule: About the Schedule Rule mapping

UID Allocation: Allocating a UID

UID and SRC: UID processing with the SRC

User-Agent: Dealing with the User-Agent

Welcome: How do I welcome a new User to the Chapter?

Questions: Frequently asked questions

Committees: Assigning Committees?

Hiding Data: Why can't I hide Assignments from the Referees?

Features: Feature descriptions

Accounting: Feature=Accounting?

Anchor: Feature=Anchor?

Audit: Feature=Audit?

BulkLoad: Feature=BulkLoad?

BulkMail: Feature=BulkMail?

Conflicts: Feature=Conflicts?

Directory: Feature=Directory?

Finances: Feature=Finances?

Fragments: Feature=Fragments?

iCalendar: Feature=iCalendar?

KeySearch: Feature=KeySearch?

Locations: Feature=Locations?

Mail: Feature=Mail?

MessageHelp: Feature=MessageHelp?

Method: Feature=Method?

Multiple: Feature=Multiple?

Options: Feature=Options?

PageText: Feature=PageText?

PasswordReset: Feature=PasswordReset?

Passwords: Feature=Passwords?

Photos: Feature=Photos?

SelfAssign: Feature=SelfAssign?

Shortcuts: Feature=Shortcuts?

Responsive: Feature=Responsive?

SSL: Feature=SSL?

Topics: Feature=Topics?

Turnback: Feature=Turnback?

UID: Feature=UID?


Settings: Operational Setting keywords and purposes

Album: Configurable Album options?

Alerts: Configurable Alert options?

Assignments: Configurable Album options?

AssignmentMeter: Configurable AssignmentMeter options?

Assignor: Configurable Assignor options?

Audit: Configurable Audit options?

Availability: Configurable Availability options?

BulkLoad: Configurable BulkLoad options?

BulkMail: Configurable options for processing of BulkMail?

Calendar: Configurable Calendar options?

Chapter: Configurable Chapter options?

Chart: Configurable Chart options?

Criteria: Configurable Criteria options?

Evaluation: Configurable Evaluation options?

Exams: Configurable Exams options?

GeoCode: Configurable gGeoCode options?

GoogleAPI: Configurable Google API Key values?

iCalendar: Configurable iCalendar options?

IPMapping: Configurable IPMapping processing options?

JavaNames: Configurable JavaNames processing options?

KeyTranslation: Set up Bulk Load/Update translations?

Lists: Configurable Lists Feature options?

Locations: Configurable Locations options?

Mail: Configurable Mail options?

MinorAuth...: Configurable MinorAuthorization options?

Misconducts: Misconducts configuration?

NACHA: National Automated Clearing House options?

News: Configurable News (RSS/Atom) options?

Notification: Notification configuration?

Notify: Notification Points?

NWS: National Weather Service configuration options?

PageHeader: Configurable PageHeader value?

Paperwork: Configurable Paperwork options?

Password: Configurable Password options?

PhotoUse: Configurable Photo usage options?

Questions: Configurable Questions options?

Request: Configurable Assignment Request options?

Reset: Configurable Reset options?

RestClients: Define authorized REST callers?

RestServer: Configurable options for processing ofREST Server/API?

RMA.WSYSA: Configurable Risk Mgmt via WSYSA options?

Rules: Rules available via SelfAssign?

Save: Save Option configuration?

ScheduleMeter: ScheduleMeter configuration?

SoapClients: Define authorized SOAP callers?

SoapServer: Configurable SoapServer values?

SRC: Configurable SRC options?

Tickets: Configurable Tickets options?

Timeout: Configurable Timeout options?

TouchLine: Configurable TouchLine options?

Translate: Configurable Feature=Translate options?

UserName: Configurable options for processing of a User Name?

Internals: For the technically minded, here's what's behind the scenes

Cookies: How does the site use Cookies?

Database: Database definitions and standards

Debug: What is Debug mode?

Diagnose: What is Diagnosis mode?

Properties: What is Properties mode?

Server Software: What Server Software is in use on the Interactive Site?

Setsql: What is Setsql mode?

Appendices: A variety of references and miscellaneous items of interest

Sales: Some materials about the Referee Management Site

Reference Sites: Some other sites of interest?

Reference: Reference materials!

Notices: Announcements, letter, and miscellaneous date oriented items

Postfix: The new Mail Server (Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, RoundCube

TLS Certificates: An announcement about TLS (SSL) certificates

RSU Valuation 2015: An announcement of RSU valuation changes

TouchLine: Feature=TouchLine

Finances: Feature=Finances

WASRC: WASRC Service Interruption

Method=SMTP: Speed up Bulk Email processing?

WA State L&I: WSYSA and WA State Labor and Industries reporting

RSU for Email: An announcement of RSU Emails and POP3 reallocation

RSU for Records: An announcement of RSU Records Fee reduction

RSU Changes: An announcement of RSU Fee reduction

SPF+Bulk Email: Sender Policy Framework and Bulk Email?

SPF: Sender Policy Framework implementation?

To SRSPlus: How to update your Network Solutions registrant email via FAX

Pricing Model: A new RidgeStar Pricing and Fee Structure?

To Linux/Apache: Linux/Apache conversion...

Set Priorities: How are client requests prioritized within RidgeStar?

Email: Email related information?

Communicating: An approach to communicating effectively with RidgeStar

Email Options: Describe RidgeStar's Email alternatives

Email Types: The Types of Email addresses at RidgeStar

Hosted at Google: Host your domain at Google's GMail

Junk Email: How do I deal with junk Email (SPAM)?

Mail Processing: Notes about using Email services at RidgeStar

Notifications: Do you just KNOW how Email works?

RBL: Realtime Blacklisting at RidgeStar

SPAM: About anti-SPAM efforts at RidgeStar

SpamBots: Email Harvesting policy

Statistics: RidgeStar Mail Server processing statistics

Webmasters: Communications between webmasters?

HTML: Variations and Options within HTML

Animation: How about making some graphics dance?

Color Chart: What color alternatives are there?

Fonts: Fonts and Point Sites?

Frames or not: Which is better (FRAMEs or TABLEs)?

Heavy Graphics: The PROs and CONs of heavily graphical sites

Plugins/Flash?: Interested in noise or flashy stuff??

Tables: Table formatting?

Internet: Information about the Internet of general interest

What is it?: What is the Internet?

Search Engines: How do Search Engines work?

Smileys: What are the Smileys all about?

Symbols: What are the Symbols all about?

What Web?: What is the World Wide Web?

Cookies: What is a Cookie?

Browsers: What is a Browser?

Which ISP?: Which Internet Service Provider should I use?

Terminology: Explain some acronyms and buzzwords?

Audience: Who is out there using the Web?

Strange Symbols: Why do I sometimes see strange symbols?

Acrobat Reader: Interested in the Adobe Acrobat Reader?

Domain Names: A brief word about available Domain Names

Passwords: Information about Internet based security issues

Overview: What makes up a good password?

Random: Random Password Generator?

Strength: Test the strength of a password?

Processes: Information associated with optional processes for RidgeStar client sites

SPF Pulldowns: What constitutes a good SPF Email address for a pulldown?

WSYSA RMA: What makes up a good password?

XML Processing: A generalized description of how Site based XML transfer works?

Results Lists: A sampler of the types of search and display mechanisms

Simple: A simple list

Show-Hide: A simple list with selectable columns

Disconnected: The disconnected Criteria box

RidgeStar: Documentation associated with your use of RidgeStar Services

Copying Panels: How do I copy a Browser window for diagnostic purpoeses?

Development: How does RIdgeStar build the pages?

Documents: Principles of Document Management

Environment: What Hardware and Software does RidgeStar use?

Monitor Activity: How do I tell if my site is doing anything?

Production: Your Site just went production, what's next?

Rest API: Information about Feature=REST (the API)?

Site Structure: A graphical approach to organizing a Site

Site Outline: A textual approach to organizing a Site

Soccer Referee: Interested in Soccer Officiating sites?

Symbols: Some Symbols used for action purposes

Usage Policies: What are the RIdgeStar written policies about Internet usage?

Wire Time: Response time Overview

Your Environment: The basic elements of your connection to the Server

Tools: Demonstration pages and tools useful to RidgeStar Client Sites

Acrobat Reader: Can you dynamically create an Adobe Acrobar Reader file?

Comparators: What are Comparator fields?

Compute Age: DO an age calculation

Date Differences: Compute the difference between two dates

Dates and Times: Interactive Date and Time formats?

Editing Email: Email address validation

Fragment Fields: What are search Fragment fields?

IP Mapping: Where is an IP Address from?

Phone Numbers: Interactive Telephone Numbers?

Key Search: Syntax for Key Search?

Text Format: What can be used in the Text Format fields?

Service: Services available from RidgeStar!

Agreement: About the contract used to obtain RidgeStar services

Get Started: Interested in getting a project started up?

Do I need one?: Do you need an Internet Site?

Purpose&Goals: Think about these things!

Audience: Who are the individuals you want to attract?

Structure: What about Site contents and structure?

Set Scope: When do RidgeStar and I get together

Look and Feel: What is the process to arrive at a look and feel for the site?

Prototypes: How will I know what my Site will look like?

Production: When will my Site be done?

Sources: A short bibliography and miscellaneous sources

Fees: Fees associated with individual Services

RSUs: RidgeStar Server Units

Service Tiers: Fees associated with Service Tiers

Logon: Identify yourself to RidgeStar

Passwords: About logging on and Passwords at RidgeStar

Reset Password: Initiate a Password reset for your SiteName at RidgeStar