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Manual: Versions-Version 4.3

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July 2008

Version 4.3 is an incremental upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 4.0 system, as described below:

1. Obtain Desktop Size
The System has been modified to automatically obtain the desktop resolution via a bit of JAVA Client Side code inserted into the Logon page. This removes a previous "refresh" mechanism and expands the range of users that we can track desktop resolution from.
2. Export Calendar entries for use with a Desktop Email Client
Referee: Calendar has had a new subfunction introduced (Export). The page permits the User to download a Comma Separated Value file suitable for Import into a desktop Mail Client with an embedded Calendar function (such as Microsoft's Outlook).
3. SiteName on Logon is now presented as a single input text area
The User can enter the Site specific SiteName in a suitable format, but without the requirement to tab between corresponding fields (e.g. FirstName, LastName, etc.). For sites using the FirstName, MiddleName, and LastName as the SiteName, the User may enter the SiteName in the general form "firstname [middlename] [lastname]" or "[lastname,] [firstname [middlename]]" (using a comma to delimit/separate lastname from firstname-middlename). Embedded blanks are no longer relevant in determining the User's identity.
4. Permit use of system and individual user Variable values in Bulk Email
Clients making use of Bulk Email to transmit communications to the end user can now utilize the standard RidgeStar variable replacement mechanism to format the resulting message. The TSA variables contain the values for the individual Bulk Email recipient, which permits the Bulk Email message to be quite customized for the individual recipient.
5. Create the ability for the SiteManager to provide extended MessageHelpFeature for Messages
You can now create a Topic with the Tag in the form "MessageNNN" where NNN is the RidgeStar message number. When present, the Message processor will detect that the message being issued has "Extended information" available and will allocate a hyperlinked Help symbol at the end of the message. Clicking it will transfer the Visitor's Browser to the Display process to format the extended information.
6. Sender Policy Framework (SPFFeature)
SPF-> is a process used by cooperating SMTP/Mail Servers to establish if Email has originated from an authorized system (the objective being to eliminate Sender Address Forgery - a common practice for those generating SPAM). Email originating from unauthorized sources is subject to deletion. The primary impact to the Referee Management System is related to the initiation of Bulk Email (requiring Bulk Email users to utilize a SPF appropriate email address).
7. SiteIndex
The new SiteIndex dynamically produces an outline of the Segments, Areas, and SubAreas available for use
8. Assignor: Assignment-SelfAssign
Provides a mechanism permitting the Assignor to test the results of the SelfAssign rules prior to filling an Assignment with a specific Referee. The Assignor is given the opportunity to assign the Referee whether or not the SelfAssign rules pass.
9. Services: Directory
The individual Directory entry has been modified to permit each User to provide more personal information about themselves (should they choose to do so). This includes a general TagLine and "About Me" type text information to accompany the Photo.
10. ForumFeature
The Forum has been modified to Forums in order to enhance the organization and management of individual Posts. It no longer automatically deletes entries (requiring a bit more Administrator involvement), but this has also improved the usability of the Information available in the various Discussions.

This version of the system is complete and available to all existing Clients.


- The Development Staff