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June 2011

Version 4.7 is an incremental upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 4.0 system, as described below:

1. User contributed Photo AlbumFeature
For those sites desiring it, we now offer a mechanism that permits authorized Users to contribute one or more photos of their own choice for viewing online. Site Visitors can view the resulting Photos in a Setting controlled thumbnail size or as a full size image. Photo images are stored in a new Album database table (no file/folder management is required).
2. Contextual PageHelpFeature
Defines a new column at the right edge of the browser window that can contain a Topics based communication tailored to Helping the Visitor with the intent, purpose and process associated with the page itself.
3. Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAPFeature)
The exchange of information amongst Web Sites via XML has now been extended to support standard SOAP protocols (1.1 and 1.2 supported). Meaning, each RidgeStar site can now operate as a SOAP Client (retrieving information from another web location) or a SOAP Server (providing information to authorized SOAP sites/users). This implementation utilizes WSDL (Web Services Description Language) to define available functions on a Site by Site basis (meaning, the data that is available as a SOAP Server is under Webmaster control).
4. GoogleMapsFeature API Version 3
The ability to embed a graphical, interactive map within the site pages (specifically, identifying a geographical location) has been upgraded to Version 3 of the Google Maps API. This release of the Google API has eliminated the requirement to pre-register for a Site API Key and offers several end user usability enhancements.
5. DurationsFeature
The ability to define a series of intervals (Administrator: Options-Durations) according to a Pattern that can describe the length of time (intervals) associated with an Assignment (PreMatch, Match, Half, PostMatch, Extra, and Travel). The resulting intervals can be used to insure a Referee has sufficient time between Assignments for Travel, etc (SelfAssign) and are also used to compute and store the Hours worked for an Assignment (for Accounting purposes)
6. Support for Safari AppleIconFeature
Creates the necessary graphic and HTML construct to provide the Safari Browser an appropriate ICON for allocation on an iPad or iPhone desktop representing the site.
7. PayPalFeature and NACHA
Creates the necessary environment to permit Fiscal Payment processing to be completed to Referees via PayPal or Export to the NACHA file format.
8. GeoCodeFeature
Adds the ability to store the identifiable Latitude and Longitude associated with a Location, as well as adjusting the Areas/Locations results listings to portraying multiple Locations in a single Map Map
9. BulkMailFeature
Implements the ability to specify a User based criteria, a Message Subject and Content, and initiate (E)Mail to a targeted subset of Users. Each individual (E)Mail message is transmitted to the recipient (Bulk Mail does not utilize CC or BCC to transmit the Email). Email can be distributed via the standard RidgeStar Mail Server or via a specific Email Account via SMTP on an active Mail Server (see Setting=BulkMail for configuration options)

This version of the system is complete and available to existing Clients (contact your account rep).


- The Development Staff