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Manual: Versions-Version 4.4

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April 2009

Version 4.4 is an incremental upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 4.0 system, as described below:

1. Setting=MessageNotice
Defines a series of message numbers that, when Issued, cause a Notice to be generated to Role=Administrator (if Feature=Notice is active) and/or Mail message to be sent to the User identified by Setting=Administrator. This is useful to determine when specific conditions happen within the real time execution of the Site(s).
2. Avery 5160 Mailing Labels
A new LabelsLabels symbol/action is now available on Manage-Users. It uses the current Users criteria and produces an Acrobat Reader file that will print Names and Addresses onto Avery 5160 forms.
3. MailFeature
We have added a Site based MailMail mechanismMail designed to facilitate communications between Site Users, as well as act as a replacement/upgrade for the prior Notices mechanism.

Bulk Email List support has been added to extend Subscription services to the Site Mail mechanism.

4. XRef is now the PositionsFeature table
The repository for relationships between Users and other aspects of the system (Assignors, Schedulers, Coaches, etc.) has been changed to the Positions table to more accurately represent the contents of the database table.
5. Users detail form has had tabs added for ease of use
Each logical section of the Users detail form can now be accessed independently when viewing the detail form (either via Services: Profile or Administrator: Manage-Users). This also permits previously unavailable functions (e.g. Set new Password, respond to Questions, etc.) to now be available to the Administrator
6. User entries are now Locked after consecutive logon or password reset failures
Each time a SiteName is utilized to Logon or for Password Reset AND the effort fails, the system now counts the attempt. When the number of consecutive attempts exceeds the PasswordTries Setting value, the User definition will be Locked (requires a manual intervention to permit it to be used again)
7. Match Audit
Assignors can now search and display Audit table entries associated with the Matches table. This permits the Assignor to determine the historical actions that have been involved with a specific Match, etc.
8. Finance-Process
The mass changing of Referee Match Reports (Accounting entries) from Status=Pending to Status=Paid or Billed has been modified from a single Match Report at a time to a single Referee at a time. Each resulting Row in the results list represents the sum of all qualifying Referee Match Reports. This simplifies the mass Marking of the Accounting entries, as the Chapter Bills and subsequently Pays the fees associated with the Match Report.
9. Bulk Delete action
Selected database table management pages now have the ability to Bulk Delete all table entries that match the specified criteria (typically restricted to the Administrator only). The Trash Trash symbol is placed to the right of the Show button and initiates Bulk Delete. The Administrator is prompted again to confirm Marked the Bulk Delete.

This version of the system is complete and available to all existing Clients.


- The Development Staff