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Manual: Versions-Version 3.1

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March 2004

With the introduction of Version 3.0 of the Referee Management Sites, more and more suggestions have come to our attention (this is a GOOD thing). As a result, we have added several additional elements that constitute Version 3.1 of the system. While these are not necessarily something that every Site might be interested in, they are useful elements. Today, RidgeStar is announcing its intent to make these features a portion of the standard Referee Management Site.


Version 3.1 is primarily an extension of operational elements intended to permit the SiteManager to manipulate and manage the Referee Management Site more effectively. Specifically, this means that the following primary functions are actively being developed and will be available to all Referee Management Sites upon completion of a proper testing interval:

AccountingFeature Program Support
The steady expansion of the Accounting table and Version 3.0's dynamic Fees Options has caused additional focus on making the fiscal information associated with Match Reports available on the desktop. Version 3.1 will contain a new Export function that will permit authorized Administrators, Treasurers, Financial Officers, etc. to directly obtain a file from the Site containing summarized fiscal information, suitable for the reimbursement of Referees. This data is now available as .CSV (Comma Separated Values), .IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) for QuickBooks, and .QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) which is suitable for Intuit's Quicken and Microsoft's Money desktop programs.
Match Status
As a portion of a migration to more clearly delineate and identify Data elements within all the Tables, 3.1 eliminates the ability to set a Match Status to the null value. The Match Status is now "Normal", "Cancelled", or "Reserved". This modification is intended to make the construction of SQL queries more clear in their intent (becoming more significant as more and more SiteManagers use SQL to process the Data).
Historically, the ability to use a particular function (page) on the Site was directly related to the Role assigned to an Individual User. Version 3.1 has significantly extended this concept and now permits authorized Administrators to grant general or specific Permissions to individuals for access to the Segments, Areas, and Subareas within a Referee Management Site.
Message AuditFeature
The system now records any error or informational messages issued in the online Activity database. These messages can then be retrieved to display the precise messages a page issued to a Visitor, which can be a great aid in diagnosing Visitor reported problems and issues

It is possible (likely....) that there will be other small enhancements introduced during the development and testing of Version 3.1 of the Referee Management System (remember, this is a constantly evolving implementation). So ... stay tuned for Version 3.1 availability.

In anticipation of the inevitable question: Yes, Version 3.1 and it's implied features and functions is available to all RidgeStar Referee Management Sites as a standard portion of the RidgeStar Services - NO additional fees are related to these new functions.

See you on the Pitch!

- The Development Staff