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May 2014

Version 5.0 is an incremental upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 4.0 system, as described below:

0. Object Architecture
All operational scripts and pages on the site have been changed to incorporate the PHP Object model-> to improve maintenance and support characteristics, as well as permitting desirable functions to move more easily from site to site.

All future new and enhanced functions will be built upon the Version 5 Object Architecture. Version 4 systems will remain supported until migration to Version 5 concepts is complete (migration is a site by site process).

2. Feature=UID implements a cross-site User IDentification mechanism
Feature=UID establishes a direct one-to-one mapping between an individual and a Universal IDentifier that can be used to identify the individual across all participating Sites. Useful to implement functions like Site Inquiry, etc.
3. Feature=Finances creates a Chapter wide management of all Fiscal operations.
This produces a technical ability to track and monitor Invoicing, Receivables, as well as Referee compensation activity.
4. Feature=FieldParent enhances overlapping Match definition
The Field table is enhanced to permit a designated Parent field (for sub-divided fields). Further, for Feature=Durations installations, Match Updates are modified to compute the length of time for any given match and verify (at update time) that it does not conflict with another scheduled use of the Field.
5. Feature=SlideShow is an automatic SlideShow on the Home Page
Sites with a set of cached photos for display on the Home Page can now have them automatically rotated in a Slide Show presentation. Sites are advised to utilize identically sized photos if the SlideShow will co-exist with common text (to avoid the Text shifting during Photo rotation).
6. Feature=Symbols permits customization of Symbols within a Site
Sites that use a series of small 16x16 symbols to represent actions, characteristics, or properties can now override the site defaults dynamically, selecting from a wide variety of available symbols.
7. Setting=Criteria options introduced
Individual sites now control how they'd like the null entry in a Pulldown to be handled (with respect to searching via SQL), as well as a few other operational characteristics associated with the Show Criteria. See Manual: Settings-Criteria for details.
8. Multiple Choice Pulldowns
Criteria elements represented as a Pulldown can now be used to make more than one choice (e.g. "Multiple Selections"). This mechanism is marked by the presence of a Multiple symbol Multiple in the criteria area for each eligible Pulldown.
9. Feature=GoogleCalendar includes Public Calendars
It is now possible to dynamically obtain and include in the Calendar display Public Google Calendars when Feature=GoogleCalendar is activated. Currently available: US Holidays, Canadian Holidays.

This version of the system is complete and available to existing Clients (contact your account rep)


- The Development Staff