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Manual: Versions

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A Interactive SiteInteractive Site is (as defined by RidgeStarRidgeStar) a constantly evolving collection of functions, features, and processes that continues to incorporate the newest in Internet technology in an effort to satisfy the needs of the ClientClient. That said, we do try to collect new features into convenient packages that can be referenced by a distinct Version name (actually, a number, separated by periods).

Each Version of the Site contains all previous functions and features (we DO make every effort to make sure the newer systems ARE upward compatible) unless a previous function or feature has been superceded by a superior implementation. Existing Clients are free to request complete upgrades of their site or to select specific features from subsequent versions for their site. This is available to clients without any direct fees (new functions will add to the RSU consumption and MAY lead to an increase or decrease in the applicable RidgeStar Service Tier at a future billing interval).

Frequency of Update

While the evolution of the Site(s) is a continuous process, we do our best to bundle the new "Standard Features" into the system approximately once per year. While this is flexible, it is typically the second quarter of each year, which has a tendency to be a quiet time of the year for our Client base here in the northern hemisphere (winter, eh?).

As a result, the first half of the calendar year is usually the busiest around the RidgeStar offices with complete system upgrades, but they can be done at any point during the year that is convenient for your specific situation.

What Version is my Site?

The best way to tell whether your system is current or not is to click to your own Site's Administrator: Operations page and look at the "Version" output line. The last thing in the line should be something like the following (where 6.2.6 is the Version name/number):

Version RidgeStar 6.2.6->

For the majority of Verson 4.0 and up systems, you can also move your mouse over the top of the Site Logo in the upper left corner and pause. The popup that should appear will contain the Site Company name and the Version number in parenthesis at the end). For this site, this would be the character string "RidgeStar (Version 6.2.6)".

Simply compare the Version number you observe with the list at the left of this page under Versions. A good rule of thumb? Numerically higher Versions are more advanced releases of the system (by that, we mean "incorporates the latest upgrades"). As always, there may be some that think the upgrades are worse, but....we aren't them - we think they're good or we wouldn't have incorporated them into the system.