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November 2020

Version 6.0 is an significant upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site base code providing support for a new operational platform and environment built upon the Fedora Project->, as described below:

0. Fedora 31 and PSR Standard compliance
All Ridgestar provided code has been adjusted to conform with the standards adopted and promoted by the PHP Framework Interop Group->. This includes specific adoption of the PSR-1 Coding and PSR-4 Autoloader standards, which primarily makes support and integration with other PHP based packages far simpler and more stable (supporting Vendor based subsystems like TCPDF, PHPMailer, TinyMCE, etc.).

The underlying LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MariaDB, PHP) that operates the physical Web Servers hosting the RidgeStar websites is now operating a current version of the Fedora Server->. This change from the RedHat Enterprise Linux platform was initiated primarily as a result of requests from clients that were difficult or complicated to address with the more "stable" RHEL Releases. RidgeStar has been operating a Fedora server for approaching 12 years (known internally as Net2) to determine the viability of the platform and that effort has been quite successful. That, in turn, has motivated this shift to the Fedora Server to provide the base LAMP system for Version 6 of the RidgeStar code, which will gradually be incorporated across all RidgeStar Servers.

1. Passwords are now stored using the default one way hashing scheme via Crypt
Passwords stored in the Users table will now be stored utilizing the currently recommended PHP based Hash mechanism provided by the CRYPT mechanism. At the time of this implementation, the current mechanism is commonly identified as BCRYPT (based upon the Blowfish algorithm), but is subject to change at any time.

All existing Passwords will remain operational and left unchanged until they are next Updated. Passwords will be automaticallly upgraded to the new hash scheme at Password Reset, a User's Profile Password Update, or simply when the User logs onto the site. No specific User or Webmaster involvement is required.

2. Feature=PostfixFeature and support for Administrator: Email for Webmaster maintenance
Supports the new Postfix based Email server at email.ridgestar.com, permitting the Webmaster to add, update, or delete Email Accounts, Aliases, and/or Forwarders, This will only be operational if your Domain's Mail Service is provided via email.ridgestar.com, which can be accessed via the Web at https://email.ridgestar.com->
3. Dynamic ToC construction now drives the Segment+Area listing and descriptions
ToC (Table of Contents) processing has been modified to dynamically coordinate between the inclusion in the ToC and corresponding listing of elements in the Body of the page (e.g. Segment entry with Areas, or Area entry with SubAreas).
4. The Misconduct Project in Chapter sites drops SOAP Usage
Chapter resident routines interacting with the Misconduct Project-> (for storage of Disciplinary, Misconduct, and Supplemental reports) have eliminated usage of SOAP for interacting with the Misconduct Project database. Data access is now via direct SQL commands.
5. Feature=TinyMCEFeature implements a WYSIWYG Editor
Sites with Feature=Topics and/or with the Tickets mechanism active can now use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor named TinyMCE-> in data entry form locations. While existing Topics and Tickets require no change (thus, upward compatible), the TinyMCE Editor makes generation of HTML or Ticket Thoughts a fair bit simpler.
6. Zipcodes now honor extended format (Zip+4, etc.)
Sites with geographic addresses (Users, Locations, etc.) requiring or using extended Zip Codes (like Zip+4) now support the storing and manipulation of the extended values.
7. Feature=AssignCrewFeature facilitates repetitive Crew Assignment
Empowers the Assignor to define a single Referee Crew that can be assigned to a single Match via a single Click (the AssignCrew and, optionally, rotate the Positions for the next AssignCrew Action).
8. Add Upgrade to Topics as a TinyMCE Migration aid
The Topics Upgrade Upgrade action converts an existing Topic Text entries into a single TinyMCE Text entry.
9. Feature=NotificationPatternFeature provides a control mechanism for Notification Processing
The Feature permits the Webmaster to specify a Match based Pattern to control whether Notification processing for a specific Notification Event will occur (or not).

This version of the system is complete and available to existing Clients (contact your account rep)


- The Development Staff