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Current project

Version 6.2 represents an incremental and gradual upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 6.0 system, as described below:

0. Event Type=Reminder
The Events table has been extended to add support for an Event identified as a Reminder. Type=Reminder will issue an Alert to the targeted Recipients about a subject of the Webmasters choice on a recurring and/or regular basis.
1. Upgraded Settings format
The storage format for system Settings has been converted/adapted to utilize the standardized JSON format
2. Export/Import Training
In support of various Chapters cooperating and sharing Referee: Training modules, Administrator: Manage-Training has been upgraded to support an Export Export and Import Import function. Export permits you to package 1 or more Training entries into a file on your system (suitable for electronically delivering to another Webmaster). The receiving Webmaster can Import the file to recreate your Training module on their site.
3. Support for PHP 8.1
The code base has been adjusted to conform with PHP 8.1 (and higher) applicable standards, which was delivered with Fedora Core 36.
4. Add support for USSF Fitness within WA State SRC
The Users table is extended to hold a Fitness Characteristic, as well as the FitnessDate that the Fitness test was last completed.
5. Extend Photo handling to permit limited editing
A photo on file can now be edited with a subset of graphical functions to improve the photo uploaded by a User, including Rotate, Lighten, and Crop actions.
6. Adjust base RidgeStar code to support PHP 8.2 and Fedora 38
Related coding is now compliant with PHP 8.2, as delivered with Fedora 38 (portions of the new and upgraded LAMP stack in use on the RidgeStar Servers)
7. Add Hours to Bulk Update mechanism
Bulk Fee Update has been renamed to simply Fiscal Update (in the Finances area) to represent the ability to update Fees and/or Hours in existing Accounting entries.
8. Adjust Positions inquiry UI to facilitate Assignment Meter integration
The UI for Crew Position and PositionStatus criteria has been modified to a generalized Multiple mechanism, such that the page can accept specific Position and PositionStatus values to correctly develop the corresponding results list
9. Implement Client side JavaScript to handle the Show and Hide mechanism in various Criteria and Display forms.
The technical handling of the Show and Hide actions is now handled via Client Side Javascript, which permits preservation of other Criteria/Form data changes in the related form.

This version of the system is currently evolving and will eventually be packaged for production delivery. Existing Clients CAN request specific features of the 6.2 system (contact your account rep).


- The Development Staff