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December 2021

Version 6.1 represents an incremental and gradual upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 6.0 system, as described below:

0. UTF-8 as Database and Site standards
Site and Database operations now respond to Setting=Data, specifying the adopted Character Set for use on the Site and as Text characters in the database. This also includes adjusting the corresponding Database tables to MariaDB definition facilitating the appropriate UTF-8 processing characteristics.
1. Feature=USSF_APIFeature adds an active site connection with U.S. Soccer via API
Current USSF Licensing information can be made available on the RidgeStar sites via the USSF API for Referees, Assessors, Assignors, Coaches, Instructors (etc.).
2. Support IRS Form 1099-NEC Copy C
For sites with Feature=Accounting active, the site can now deliver a reasonable facsimile of IRS Form 1099-NEC Copy C for use by Referees when filing Federal Taxes
3. Feature=SQL_SaveFeature permits Database-SQL commands to be saved in the Options table
Usage of the Administrator: Database-SQL page can now store SQL statements in the Options table. This Feature supercedes Feature=SQLTableFeature
4. Feature=AuditFeature now honors variable Expiration intervals in the Audit table
The Expiration of each Audit entry is now computed at the time of Audit addition according to the specifications in Setting=Audit (the new Keep operand)
5. Feature=SaveFeature now accepts more than 1 Personal Criteria
Each User of the site can now indicate the number of Personal Criteria combinations (default=1) s/he would like for each operational page on the site that honors criteria save Save. See Manual: Using-Reset for additional information.
6. CSRF (Cross Site Request Forgery) and XSS (Script injection) defenses improved
Logic has been added to FORM processing (Show, etc. actions) to intercept, trap, identify, and reject HTTP requests that are identifiable as being possible CSRF or XSS inspired actions. Particular emphasis has been given to public facing pages like Logon, Register, Password Reset, Locations lists, etc.
7. Feature=NoDoubleClickFeature eliminates unwanted double clicking
Logic is now available to eliminate the potential for a site based form to be submitted twice by an unintended "double click" of a form submit button. Amongst other things, this can eliminate CSRF failures at Logon (if the Visitor double clicks the Logon button).
8. Feature=Criteria_AliasFeature extends Personal Criteria handling
Function has been added to implement an alternate manner to display and process multiple Personal Criteria, including the assignment of individual page Alias identities for the various Criteria combinations.
9. CCEmail (Carbon Copy)
Adds a new Profile element (Services: Profile-Messaging) in the Users table, permitting the User (e.g. a Minor) to identify an additional Email address (e.g. a Parent or Guardian) that will receive a Carbon Copy of all Messages (Mail and/or Email) initiated by the Site with the User as a Recipient.

This version of the system and it's individual functions and features is complete and available to existing Clients (contact your account rep)


- The Development Staff