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Manual: Versions-Version 4.6

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September 2010

Version 4.6 is an incremental upgrade of the RidgeStar Interactive SiteInteractive Site incorporating new concepts and features in the base 4.0 system, as described below:

1. PasswordStrengthFeature
A client side Javascript implementation of a Password Strength indicator is now available. As the Visitor types his/her New Password, the page immediately provides feedback about the "Strength" of the Password. The Strength is measured by counting characters, their types and combinations thereof. Whether Javascript is active on the desktop or not, the Password Strength is also computed after Update (server side) verifying that the overall quality of Passwords on the Site meet or exceed a Site specified minimum.
2. AgreementsFeature
The consent Agreement (Services: Agreement) is now stored as a date+time that consent was last obtained from the user. It is also possible to have more than a single consent Agreement (e.g. a Referee Agreement, an Assignor Agreement, etc.) which can be required to utilize the related Segments in addition to the standard Services Agreement (Site usage agreement)
3. ResetPasswordFeature Message
The Reset Password function no longer transmits the new Password via Email. For increased security, Reset Password now emails a time-sensitive URL that returns the recipient to the site via an HTTP session with a Browser and asks them to set a new Password.
4. AnchorFeature
Permits predefined and acceptable Values for dependent data fields in a database table to be based upon the value in an Anchor Field. E.G. Define acceptable Gender, Level, Division, and Authority values based upon the defined League value in the Matches table. This can be utilized to improve the data quality and referential integrity of individual data records within a database table.
5. Google Language TranslateFeature
Allocates the necessary logic and functions to permit a Visitor to the Site to Translate the base English language used in the RidgeStar pages to one of the available Google TranslateGoing languages.
6. Alternate Software VersionsFeature
Adds an additional row to the Shortcuts portion of the web page (marked by a Versions) advertising/documenting when an Alternate Software Version of an underlying software component is available for use. The Versions Feature is designed to facilitate production system migration from/to alternative software releases in a non-disruptive manner.
7. Setting=MessageRateFeature
Permits each Site to establish an unacceptable rate of Message issuance. Once the Message Rate is exceeded Message 175 is issued (which can be trapped and routed to the Administrator via Setting=MessageNotice). This mechanism can be useful to detect, trap, and identify inappropriate usage of the Site (typically, under programmatic control instead of direct human usage).
8. Options-Rules is now Options-PatternsFeature
The mechanism to identify a "Named Option" and associate it with a Value based upon hierarchical Match characteristics has been renamed to Patterns to break the direct and specific connection with the Rules. A Rule is now redefined as the logic in SelfAssign and Turnback that interprets a defined Pattern Value in a specific context (Match and User) for the purposes of completing an Action (SelfAssign, Turnback, etc.). This also permits this mechanism (defining a Pattern) to be used for purposes beyond the scope of Rule Processing.
9. JavaScript User/Name Pulldown (JavaNamesFeature)
For desktops with JavaScript enabled, the selection of a distinct User can now be accomplished via Client side fragment matching in a JavaScript simulated pulldown. This replaces the previous implementation requiring a lengthy User pulldown (typically combined with Expandexpand Contractcontract symbols). When JavaScript is not available, the previous HTML Pulldown mechanism will continue to be available.
10. Individualized RSSQueueFeature
For Visitors that prefer RSS (Really Simple Syndication) mechanisms (marked with rss) to receive Chapter distributed information, a User specific Feed is now available showing a count of Unread Mail messages, as well as Upcoming Assignments, Missing Match Reports, and Unconfirmed Assignments. It is also possible to subscribe to an individual Feed for any defined Lists (when Feature=Lists is installed)

This version of the system is complete and available to existing Clients (contact your account rep).


- The Development Staff