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Stalker Software, Inc. We use Stalker Software, Inc.'s CommuniGate Pro-> to provide and manage our clients Email services. These services, which include POP3, SMTP, IMAP, and Web Access services, are provided according to each Account's requested configuration.

There are many alternatives available in the mail services associated with your RidgeStar Service Tier. Before you start making use of these options however, you need to review and understand our RidgeStar Policies. We want the Internet to be productive and beneficial for everyone. And, as it is a "shared resource", we strongly encourage you to use it in the spirit in which it was founded. If you have any questions about whether your intended usage of Mail Services is appropriate or not, please contact your Account Representative.

Using RidgeStar Mail Services

While we offer several variations in mail services, most RidgeStar clients make use of one or both of the following mechanisms:

This standard protocol permits you to configure a desktop client (such as Microsoft's Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora->, Evolution, etc.) to periodically contact the Mail Server and retrieve mail that has been received on behalf of the mail user. Our Mail Server's address is MAIL.RIDGESTAR.COM. POP3 and SMTP access is provided on the standard IP Ports for mail communications.
Web Access
You can also use a Web Browser to access the Mail Server-> (Standard port of 80) from any computer with Web access or use https://mail.RidgeStar.com-> for secure communications (Standard port 443). You must provide your Mail Account name and Password, which are available from your Account Representative.

Make sure you process your mail within 90 days of message receipt (it is subject to automatic deletion from the Mail Server after 90 days)

Note: your RidgeStar Account Representative will provide you with your Account name and initial Password for whatever approach you choose to use.

Mail Restrictions

In an effort to be a co-operative member of the Internet community and to make use of the physical resources appropriately, we have adopted the following policies for all Email that travels through the RidgeStar Mail Server(s):

  1. Mail relaying will only be permitted for RidgeStar Clients and Sites hosted by RidgeStar and on RidgeStar Servers (essentially, our Mail Server is a "closed" Server)
  2. All Email messages must have a legitimate REPLY-TO and RETURN-PATH address
  3. All Email messages must have one or more TO destinations
  4. Email addressed to "Undisclosed" Recipients will be deleted
  5. Email messages may not contain objectionable Subject or Message content (including programs, methodologies, schemes, or other mechanisms intended to invoke Virus, Worm, or other unsolicited activities on the recipient's machine). RidgeStar specifically reserves the right to delete without notice any Email message it determines contains "objectionable Subject or Message content", as defined above.
  6. We hold Email messages for up to 90 days from date of receipt on the Mail Server for full function accounts. We encourage Clients to download the Email to a suitable desktop client during this interval.