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7 November 2007

All Domains used or available on the Internet are "registered" at a TLD (Top Level Domain) Domain Registrar. For several RidgeStar Clients, this is a company called Network Solutions->. Each registered domain is associated with an individual, considered the Domain Registrant (the Domain "owner"). For RidgeStar clients, this remains the identity of the actual Client (NOT RidgeStar) because we believe it represents the proper structure. The actual Domain name is the property of the client/Registrant and RidgeStar only provides the technical support to make it operational on the Internet.

RidgeStar manages its Domains via SRSPlus-> (a subsidiary of Network Solutions). This is an action designed to make the maintenance of the various Domains easier and more effective. Along the way, we're attempting to make sure the Domain Registrant's information is valid (and a non-operational Registrant Email address isn't "valid").

Managing the Domain

To manipulate and/or change the contents of the Domain Registration, the Registrant needs to know his/her Userid and Password (as defined at Network Solutions). Of course, as few clients actually do this activity (RidgeStar typically provides the necessary actions to keep the domain operational), it is quite typical for them to forget their own Userid and Password.

Network Solutions provides a mechanism to obtain the Registrant's Userid and reset the associated password. However, the Registrant MUST have the ability to make use of the Email address on file with Network Solutions. Sadly, this commonly is an invalid Email address. Thus, to access the Network Solutions account and make changes (e.g. update DNS Addresses, etc.), the registrant will need to follow a paper based process defined by Network Solutions, as described below (wherever you see domain name insert your domain name):

Updating the Registrant Email

  1. Click to the Network Solutions Login page->
  2. Click on "I've forgotten my User ID or password"
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the form and insert your domain name in the "Enter a domain name" box and click Continue
  4. Select the Primary Contact (which should be you) and click Continue
  5. Click on "Email address is not correct. I would like to update my e-mail address via fax process."
  6. Enter "webmaster@domain name" into the New E-Mail Address box and the phone number you can be reached at in Contact Phone Number, click Go
  7. Follow the instructions on the page you receive (basically, print it, sign it, and FAX it to Network Solutions)

Once you receive confirmation that Network Solutions has updated your account to the proper Email address, you should be able to return to the Network Solutions logon page and obtain your Userid, etc. OR...if RidgeStar is going to manage this for you, simply let us know that your Email address is now webmaster@domain name and we'll do the rest.