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Timely communications between organizations and individuals with a common interest can be very useful in furthering efforts to reach organizational objectives. To this end, RidgeStar operates and manages a Google GroupGoing named RidgeStar_Webmasters (commonly referenced as "[Webmasters]") that is intended as a "Communication Channel" between and amongst interested RidgeStar Webmasters.


The Group [Webmasters] is a "Private Group", which means that Membership is mediated or managed manually by RidgeStar personnel via webmaster@referees.biz.

Who can participate in the Group?
Individuals that are involved in the administration and operation of a RidgeStar real-time Operations Site. Certainly, this includes (but is not limited to) the primary RidgeStar Point of Contact (the Site Administrator or Webmaster).
How do I join the Group?
Send your Name and an appropriate Email Address to webmaster@referees.biz identifying where you'd like [Webmasters] Email sent.

If you are not the Site's designated Webmaster, please have them forward your Name and Email address to indicate Webmaster approval of your participation in [Webmasters] as a representative of the Organization.

If I am a RidgeStar Webmaster, do I have to join the Group?

The Group exists only as a communication channel between and amongst [Webmasters] that are interested in participating in the related information flow.

How do I leave the Group?
You can "Unsubscribe" from the Group at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of each Message
When do messages get sent?
RidgeStar personnel will, when deemed beneficial, Post information to keep [Webmasters] aware of new Feature development or operational items of interest that may be useful to two or more [Webmasters].

Any Member of [Webmasters] can Post a Message for all [Webmasters] by simply sending email to RidgeStar_Webmasters@googlegroups.com

No unsolicited Email or Email from an unknown source will be permitted or transmitted via [Webmasters].

Can I change how it works to just send me a summary each day?
Yes. The Group permits you to subscribe and receive communications in 1 of 4 ways:
  1. No email: web-only participation
  2. Abridged Email: one summary email of new activity per day
  3. Digest Email: up to 25 full new messages in a single email
  4. All Email: send each message as it arrives

The default operation is "All Email", but you should feel free to configure your participation as it fits your requirements best. If you cannot locate how to set this Email Delivery option in your subscription, send an Email to webmasters@referees.biz and ask them to change the option for you.

How do I recognize a [Webmasters] message in my Email?
Messages from the Group will have the string "[Webmasters]" at the front of the Subject line
Where do replies to [Webmasters] Email messages go?
Each Recipient (Member) can choose whether his/her Reply travels back to all [Webmasters] or to the individual that initiated the Message. Basically, your Email Client should permit you to simply "Reply" to "Reply to List" (or some variation on this). Look to make sure that your Reply Email Destination is what you want (individual vs the entire [Webmasters] list).

If your Reply is of a "personal" nature or unlikely to be of interest to multiple [Webmasters], you are encouraged to Reply to the individual instead of back to all [Webmasters]. Similarly, if your Reply is a general contribution for the benefit of all [Webmasters], please DO make sure you "Reply to List" or equivalent.

Is [Webmasters] only for Referee related Sites?
No. While many of the RidgeStar Operations sites are, indeed, Referee Chapters, the [Webmasters] Group is for ANY RidgeStar site based upon the common set of technical and design elements embodied by and discussed at RidgeStar.com or Referees.bizGoing.

It should go without saying, but.... If a [Webmasters] Message shows up that you're not interested in, simply hit Delete in your Email Client. That said, many of the technical issues and design elements that RidgeStar deals with every day are not "Referee specific" and will apply to all Sites equally.