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RidgeStar creates a SiteSite by teaming experienced programming with professional design skills and focusing them on your specific requirements. We offer the following services and capabilities to every ClientClient which can be combined as necessary to meet a Site's objectives:

Services that might be of use on your Site
  • Systems and User Interface design methodologies
  • Data base design and implementation
  • E-commerce
  • Site Security
  • Email and List Service
  • Graphic Design
  • Hosting
  • Site Activity and Performance reporting
  • User maintenance
  • Interactive computation, quizzes, ads, and other "extras"

We are a full function web design shop that acts as your own, logical Information Services division, advising you on all information processing requirements. We offer complete Internet services (Hosting, Domain Name Service, Mail Servers, etc.) all in house (meaning, we own, manage, AND operate all our own equipment to meet the needs of our Clients).

Our Services are available as a single annual fee based upon predicted or past Resource consumption to satisy your Site's goals and objectives, with NO other ongoing monthly charges2. Thus, you can choose from individual Services to implement or enhance a Site (the sum of the Services necessary to service your Site will set the Service Tier, which establishes the fee for service).

Additionally, we have established cooperative relationships with other firms to provide complete solutions for our Clients. We have implemented online credit card processing via API with PayPal->, etc. and are involved with the Let's Encrypt-> effort for producing standard Site Security Certificates for SSL (HTTPS) communication.

If you would like to get started towards building a successful site, see our Getting Started resources. And if you are ready to dive in, fill out a Service Agreement and we can start building your Site today!

As always, if you have any questions about anything, send an email along to webmaster@ridgestar.com and we'll get right back to you.

2RidgeStar will respond to requests for changes to a Site via Email or the Issues mechanism from the SiteManager on a regular basis and according to our published priority procedure. RidgeStar reserves the right to invoice the Client for excessive changes at the then current RidgeStar Consulting fees.