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Reference: RidgeStar-Referral

RidgeStarTerm specializes in the creation of interactive sites, typified by our Operations type service packages1.

As these Operations sites implement concepts and mechanisms that are well beyond more typical "Brochure" type sites, we find that the best new customers are those that have come to RidgeStar by way of exposure to one or more of our existing Sites. Once a prospective Client has seen how an Operations Site can work, both RidgeStar and the prospective Client have a head start towards successful implementation of a new Site.

We have learned that the old fashioned "word of mouth" is the most effective technique for identifying new Clients with requirements that match well with RidgeStar's service offerings. Our Referral Program is intended to reward existing Customers that pass along a recommendation about RidgeStar and is our way of directly thanking you for your Referral.

The Referral Program

If you are an existing RidgeStar client and refer a new Client to us, RidgeStar will recognize your Referral in the form of a direct credit against future RidgeStar billing on your Account. The "direct credit" is computed as 25% of the Service Package fee the new Client contracts for during their first 12 month Service interval. A Brochure Site (Tier 1) is valued at a $125 credit, a Transaction Site (Tier 2) at $281.25, and an Operations Site (Tier 3) at $500 , and so on. You CAN earn multiple Referral credits, which can eventually result in no billing at all for a year or more (depending upon how many Referrals you initiate).

The steps? Glad you asked. The following items must all be true for you to receive a Referral Credit:

  1. a new Ridgestar Client signs a RidgeStar Service Agreement for a new Site (it MUST be a completely NEW Client to the RidgeStar client base)
  2. the new Client contracts for a Tier based Service Package
  3. the new Client identifies you as the "referring" organization (business, association, etc.). There can only be one Referral for each new Client and it is the new Client themselves that will identify who referred them.

Your RidgeStar account will be credited with the one time "Referral Credit" when the following are true:

  1. the new Client goes "production" with the new Site
  2. RidgeStar issues an invoice to the new Client for the first service interval

The Credit will be immediately posted to your RidgeStar Account and automatically applied to any future Invoices issued against the Account for RidgeStar provided services.

1Our popular Referee Management Site as described at Referees.biz IS an Operations based package and IS included in the Referral Program.